Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Talking to Walls! Now with 25% more rock!

Talking to Walls! Now with 25% more rock!

Know what rocks harder than Steve Perry's mullet? Well, nothing actually. It's pretty sweet. I mean, look at it:

Know what rocks almost as much as Steve Perry's mullet? Talking to Walls would like to announce the addition of our new guitarist, Nat Webb! After a lengthy audition process, we selected a guitarist that both rocked and had Steve Perry-esque locks of hair. Well, not so much the hair, but the attitude of the hair. The very essence of the sweaty rock-mullet. Check him out in the bio section.

Check out the new Talking to Walls line up this Saturday, March 1st at Wesleyan University, 200 Church Street, Middletown, CT, 4:30pm. This show will benefit vaginas in some way. "In what way will this benefit vaginas" you ask? Well, I guess you'd better show up and find out.

(Actually, it's a benefit called V-Day with the proceeds going to a local women's the math.)

For more on Talking to Walls, mullets and vaginas, check out*! Do it, you'll be glad you did!

*may not contain any material on Steve Perry or vaginas. In fact it probably won't.



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